Silver Membership 81 to 99 dwellings

Silver membership to the Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) from 81 to 99 dwellings
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Want to become a member and also enjoy some of our services for free while controlling other possibilities. Then opt for the "Silver" membership of the Quebec Landlords Association (APQ).

This option ensures that you receive legal advice at any time, you attend our free training, save through discounts offered by our partners and have unlimited access to out website

And when you need to check a candidate or need to prepare a tenant notice , you will pay on demand.

Flexibility for those who prefer to pay on demand!

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Discount for 3 years membership


Discount for 2 years membership


Discount for 5 years membership


Daily News
Benefits from APQ advertisers
Some advertisersAPQ - Partenaires - Rabais - Association des Propriétaires du Québec
Le Propriétaire Newspaper - Digital edition
Landlord's toolkit (letters and notices templates)
Conferences and Trainings
Unlimited legal adviceOn weekdays
Tenant Ratings Tenant rating
Starting from 10$.
Smart software
Digital Leases Digital Leases
4,49$ or less.
Avisarex Notifications Avisarex Notifications
2,49$ or less.
Letters of attorney included per year (Value of $ 500 each)
Ratings included per year
Quick Eviction From 325,00$
Weeks for free Classified Ads on SeecliQ
Number of dwellings81 to 99
Picture of Silver Membership 81 to 99 dwellings

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