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The Québec Landlords’ Association

The APQ (Association des propriétaires du Québec – Québec Landlords’ Association) was founded in 1984 and has more than 8000 members. Its mission has always been to defend and protect the interests of rental unit building owners in Québec.

All APQ members can benefit from numerous advantages of their Association. One of these includes legal services provided by full-time lawyers. Member landlords are thus able to take advantage of lower legal rates should they require representation at the Régie du logement.

The APQ members can benefits from the « unique and best on the market » Potential Tenant Evaluation Service. This service is available every days of the week from 8:30am to 9pm and from 9am to 5pm during weekends.

To maintain smooth operating conditions in their buildings, members can also obtain free advice in several areas that deal with residential real estate. A landlord kit is now available free to all members. It includes – among other things – letter models of the various situations that landlords face with their tenants.

The APQ publishes a monthly newsletter: Le Propriètaire – The Landlord – which provides pertinent information for landlords as well as featuring regular discounts from partners on products and services. Members can take advantage of a complete range of items that can greatly increases their buying power.

Finally, the APQ regularly organizes member meetings to keep members up-to-date on developments in the real estate community. Leading speakers in the field are invited to these events. Training courses are also available for members. For more information, please call 514-382-9670 or info@apq.org


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